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Case Study: Cool Bedroom

CASE STUDY: Domestic Installation bedroom air conditioning: Mr Wyllie gave this testimonial following the installation of a new 2.5kW Fujitsu wall mounted unit into the master bedroom at his home:

“I had been thinking of purchasing air-conditioning for our bedroom for a while. Our house is a new-build, which has been insulated to within an inch of its life, and consequently we always slept with the bedroom windows open, winter or summer, but still I would overheat and perspire every night. I had thought that fitting air conditioning would be out of my range financially and I really did not want a portable unit with a hose out of the window.

I was delighted when the price given me by Castle Climate Control Ltd was as low as it was, and when I realised that this was a price, which included fitting, a six-month check and a service after the first year, it really was a no-brainer! Installation arranged quickly the whole job carried out in less than one day by two very pleasant and helpful fitters, who discussed every option with me so that it was completed to my total satisfaction. My wife was initially unsure about the benefits of having air-conditioning -but after just a few nights of moderately warm weather we have both enjoyed the best night’s sleep we have had in years and I wake up  cool and dry!  Trust me that is a real bonus. I can wholeheartedly recommend Castle Climate Control to anyone considering air conditioning – they do what they say they will do and you will not be disappointed. Testimonial from customer Mr Wyllie.

Castle Climate Control Ltd, installed a 2.5kW Fujitsu wall mounted unit into the master bedroom in June 2018. For more information Tel: 01604 806333 Or Contact US by email or contact form.

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