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Grants & BUS Scheme

Grants and Incentives for Low Carbon Technologies

To promote the uptake of small-scale renewable and low-carbon technologies, there are a range of incentives and grants available.

Your eligibility may be dependent on where you live and the technology type.

MCS certification is a route for consumers to access incentives. Before progressing with any installation, you should always check that your Installer is MCS certified and using MCS certified products. You can check this in our Installer search.

Heating with low carbon heat is one of the best things we can do to help combat climate change. Currently, heating all the buildings in the UK produces almost a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions.

A new, flat, upfront grant, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) aims to encourage property owners to replace existing fossil fuel heating with more efficient, low-carbon heating systems. These include air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and, in limited circumstances, biomass boilers.

Applications for grants opened on 23 May 2022.

The BUS has £450m funding confirmed over three years and will allow consumers to apply for a one-off grant payment of:

£7,500 towards an air source heat pump

£7,500 towards a ground source heat pump (including water source heat pumps and those on shared ground loops)

£5,000 towards a biomass boiler

The grants for heat pumps went up on 23 October 2023. If you applied before 23 October and your installer has not fitted your new heat pump yet, talk to them about cancelling your grant and reapplying to get the increased amount.

You cannot get a grant for a hybrid heat pump system (for example a combination of gas boiler and air source heat pump).

The system you install must meet certain standards, such as minimum efficiency levels (your installer can advise you on these).

The system’s maximum capacity must be less than 45kWth – anything over is not eligible.

  • Finding an installer

Castle Climate Control Ltd, is a certified MCS installer: Certification Number: NAP-61022

You can find Castle Climate Control Ltd and other accredited installers here.

What will your installer do?

Installers will be required to lead the voucher application on your behalf. They will apply to Ofgem, asking for your consent to provide your details.

Your installer is expected to discount the value of the grant from the total cost paid by you and include this in their quote.

Once your new, low-carbon heating system is installed in line with MCS standards, your installer will commission the system and redeem the voucher to receive the grant. There will be no upfront cost to you for the value of the voucher.

Who is eligible for the BUS?

Homes and small non-domestic buildings on and off the gas grid, including owner-occupiers, private landlords and custom-builds, are eligible for the BUS. New buildings and social housing will not be eligible for support.

Please note, you must have an EPC issued within the last 10 years to qualify, with no outstanding recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation. Your installer will be able to advise here.

More information for financial support for heat pumps and biomass boilers

Consumer FAQs

Consumers & Communities

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Solar Smart Export Guarantee

A scheme is available allowing solar PV owners to earn moneyfor exporting their excess electricity to the grid.

MCS certification (or equivalent) is required to qualify for the SEG, helping to safeguard high standards in the industry.

How SEG payments work?

Your energy supplier in the form of an export tariff determines SEG payments. There are potentially two types of tariffs, either fixed at a price for every kWh you export or flexible, meaning the price your energy supplier will pay is aligned to half-hourly prices matched to the day-ahead wholesale rates.


Beware of Scams

Scams can happen to anyone, at any time.

In our industry, they include the offer of free health checks and services on renewable energy systems, system upgrades or accessories, extended warranty products and misleading claims such as the need for replacement parts. New ones appear regularly.

Anyone can be a victim. Scammers sound genuine, and some are very convincing. Remember:

* If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

* Do not be rushed into anything.

* If you are in doubt, just say no.

* You can always contact the MCS Helpdesk to check if it is genuine.

* If you are unsure whether what is being offered is genuine or not, you should always refer back to your original MCS certified Installer.

You can speak to Castle Climate Control services department who will manage your Heat Pump application.

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