Air Conditioning Maintenance pays dividends

Air conditioning service contracts save energy and money.
A service contract will help ensure safe and efficient equipment operation in accordance with current FGAS Regulations and manufacturer recommendations.

A bit about Heat Pumps

Welcome To Carley's Blog Recently we completed a poll on our Facebook page to find out the reason you would consider installing an air source heat pump. 85% of you said the reason you would change to a renewable heating system was to reduce your carbon...

What is FGAS anyway?

Welcome To Carley's Blog After visiting a local site to assist with the final stages of an air conditioning installation, what I found frustrated me and I wanted to get it off my chest. The customers are property developers and plumbers, they have purchased a house to...

Power of the press fit

First published in the ACR Journal: Faced with keeping disruption at a residential care home to a minimum during an ACR installation, air conditioning and heating specialist Castle Climate Control (CCC) chose Conex Bänninger’s flame-free >B< MaxiPro fittings as the...


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we need to service A/C

This depends on the environment the A/C unit is situated. For example if you are cooling/heating an industrial area you may need two services a year. If the unit is installed in an office or home then one annual service may be sufficent. 

Is it better to have a service plan

In the case of Castle Climate Control Ltd, yes, a plan is definitely the most econmic option. Your equipment will operate more efficiently with lower running costs and have a longer life. 

How much do services cost

A standard service plan includes:
2 x planned maintenance visits each year.
Technical telephone assistance
1 x Emergency call out during office hours
Replacement of parts covered by manufactures warranty
Full report issued upon completed service
Prices start from £160 for 1 unit serviced twice yearly. (price excludes vat)

Arrange a Maintenance Plan

We need to know the number of A/C units you have installed, one to many.

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